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Quarrying and stone working

Worked stone - code 10

Worked stone - code 10

The worked stone, are based on customer request and they can be installed either outdoors or indoors. Sawed edges, machining sides and hand finishes are available. Dimensions are subjected to customer desires.



Is composed by Mica and Quartz, two shiny minerals giving the light gray color feature , suitable for floors and walls in bright environments


Comes from the combination of Mixed feldspar, quartz and iron oxides, which give the stone reddish-orange hues and the texture characteristic of the stone.
Natural effect surface: Through the stone cutters able hands, we can achieve this special process that point out the natural surface of the Pietra di Luserna


The Dorè stone is composed by golden crystals that give unique nuances suitable to elegant surrounding.



The flaming is a process by which the surface layer of stone is subjected to a thermal shock by a blowtorch


The Brushing is a process that occurs by using particular "brushes" that make the stone smooth , while preserving the natural grainy surface.


The polishing is obtained by special equipments with abrasive weels that make the surface of the stone surface reflecting and brighter.